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Symbiance AI Announces Revolutionary Product to Automate Clinical Trial Reports (CSRs)

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Symbiance AI, a company that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI), has launched its ZYLiQ product designed to accelerate medical writing. With this launch, Symbiance aims to address certain challenges within clinical research by leveraging the power of AI.

Ilango Ramanujam the President & CEO of Symbiance, said, “These days everyone is racing to transform clinical research into digital so that time to market the drug will be faster. But without automation playing a key role in this process, this is simply difficult. Symbiance has time and again proven to be that trusted partner for its customers for over 30 years now.”

With ZYLiQ, 60-70% of CSR writing can be automated, and regulatory and ICH E3 guidelines are adhered to, reducing the number of reviews and thereby saving both time and money. “The use of advanced technologies such as AI (ML, NLP, NLG) is paramount to how things are done. No one wants to be left behind when it comes to this transformation then again, these organizations must give careful consideration to adopting the right automation platform to achieve the best outcome and return on investment”, stated, Farha Feroze, Product Manager, Symbiance AI.

Symbiance has achieved an important milestone that enhances its ability to assist pharmaceutical companies and medical writers with the adoption of a platform-based approach to digital transformation.
Symbiance has been developing this platform with life sciences technology experts and data scientists for three years. This automation using AI has several benefits, including those medical writers can spend more time interpreting study results and discussing them.

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