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Tachyum’s New Web Ticketing System Improves Partner and Customer Experiences

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Tachyum, a single processor that delivers industry performance, recently included a ticketing system for its Customer and Partner portal that enables the users to carry out tests and evaluations of Prodigy Universal Processor. The new ticker system will provide better services to their clients across the world by enabling users to submit feature requests, add feedback, and register complaints.

The developers will be able to analyze the progress of prodigy testing using the ticketing system, which enables the Tachyum developers to respond quickly to their customer needs. The users can access the system through both portal and email, and Tachyum will be able to monitor the conversation using their single hub.

Ken Wagner, Tachyum Co-Founder and VP of Business Development commented, “With a growing number of partners and future customers, it was important to streamline interactions and make our communications more effective. We are looking forward to receiving feedback on how our testers are using Prodigy to accelerate AI/ML, medical technology, automotive applications, and so much more.”

Prodigy evaluation boards are being used with a variety of software systems in hyper-scale, HPC, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Other hardware systems struggled with these applications, and support was scarce. The ticketing system is used by Tachyum developers to examine how much better the Prodigy platform performs in these demanding settings, as well as to assist users in their testing.

Tomáš Meliško, Head of Strategic Alliances of InoCloud, stated “At InoCloud, we are working relentlessly on innovating the world of high performance, low carbon footprint infrastructure for AI, HPC and cloud. We are very pleased that the launch of the new web ticketing system has made it even easier to collaborate with Tachyum on all activities related to the Prodigy Universal Processor. We are using it successfully from planning, design, simulations, all the way to testing.”

Prodigy delivers hyperscale, OEM, telecommunication, private cloud, and government industries an unmatched processing speed and significant energy-saving capabilities. The 10x reduced CPU core power consumption of Prodigy will significantly reduce data center carbon emissions. Prodigy’s 3x reduced cost (at equal performance) will save hyperscalers like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Alibaba billions of dollars each year.

HPC applications, convolutional AI, explainable AI, general AI, bio-AI, and spiking neural networks, and normal data center workloads on a single homogeneous processor platform can be processed using Prodigy Processor from Tachyum. Underutilization of hardware resources. More challenging programming, support, and maintenance can be delivered by making use of separate hardware in regard to the workloads. The ability of Prodigy to easily move between these multiple workloads has a significant impact on the competitive environment and data center budgets.

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