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Tactile Mobility Announces a Unique Runover Virtual Sensor Solution

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A company leading in tactile data and virtual sensing technology, Tactile Mobility has launched the first-ever runover virtual sensor. The new solution provides vehicles with real-time identification of an initial runover of an object and prevents a full runover.

Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of Tactile Mobility, said, “Tactile Mobility is always looking to build solutions that make the driving experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Now, for the first time, the automotive industry will have access to an affordable in-vehicle software solution that enables vehicles to identify what they might drive over and avoid potentially fatal accidents — a critical step in the development of autonomous vehicles. We are already working with well-known OEMs to bring the technology to the mass market and look forward to expanding our collaboration to embed this safety sensor in autonomous vehicles of all levels to ensure road and vehicle safety for everyone.”

This software-only solution detects all types of objects to include human bodies, debris, and road debris of various heights, sizes, shapes, and materials – both organic and hard. Using the virtual sensor, the vehicle is prevented from colliding with the object which could cause injury or damage to the vehicle. This new virtual sensor will be included in the Tactile Processor Platform, which already contains a variety of virtual sensors, including grip estimation, tire health, surface sensing, and vehicle health.

Tactile Mobility is a world leader in data collection and data management through tactile technology. One of the components of the firm’s solutions is an in-vehicle module stored on the vehicle’s computer, along with a cloud-based version. Through its proprietary software, the company gathers non-visual data such as speed, angle, RPM, paddle position, and gear position in real-time, and then analyzes them in real-time to produce actionable insights.

This research provides a comprehensive and clear-cut analysis of the constantly evolving state of vehicles, roads, and vehicle-road dynamics. Since the data insights are accessible, accurate, and of high quality, they are in demand across many sectors – from road planning and management to tracking tire conditions and wear, to even providing information for insurance companies.


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