Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agency, TAG MultiMedia has partnered with customer engagement platform CodeBaby enabling small businesses to make use of Conversational AI avatars. By combining digital representation with instant data retrieval and delivery in a simple, functional, and personalized way, CodeBaby uses its conversational AI to help businesses.

“We are very excited to partner with TAG MultiMedia as they build out Avatars married to our proprietary C-AI software. This preferred arrangement ensures the best experience for their clients as they create virtual representatives of business owners and customers in a digitally rich environment,” stated CodeBaby Founder and President Norrie Daroga.

Conversational Avatars (CAI) have numerous applications in the medical, educational, and retail fields as a result of their testing and refining. Daroga devotes most of his time advising schools and companies on how CAI-Avatars may enhance the user experience and effectively communicate vital features and information. He also serves as an adviser for a new course at the Center for Advanced Sciences and the Arts (CASA) in Oak Park, Mich.

TAG President Michelle Armstrong stated, “This local connection was a sweet aside as we formalized our collaborative efforts in the wake of the Metaverse becoming more mainstream. Norrie has practical rather than trendy insights. He and his team welcome our input and find a way to support our vision. It is what is allowing us to create something useful now with a future-focus.”

TAG MultiMedia is also hosting an event for businesses that focuses on showing the importance of Conversational AI Avatars as an effective tool.