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Talend Announces Talend Data Catalog 8 – A Automated Data Catalog

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A leading provider of data integration and data governance solutions, Talend, recently announced Talend Data Catalog 8, an automated data catalog offering proactive data governance capabilities that enable businesses to discover, organize, and share trusted data through a single, secure portal. Talend Data Catalog 8 enables organizations to discover, organize, and share trusted data with a single, secure point of control. With this release, Talend provides new features such as personalized business modeling and machine learning-powered data classification and documentation. With this latest edition, businesses of any size can consistently regulate their data at scale and guarantee its health.

Talend Data Catalog 8, which is part of the Talend Data Fabric platform, is based on a solid foundation of metadata management and data cataloging capabilities. This solution enables data architects and governance experts to work more productively and more effectively to deliver business value sooner. The following are some of the new capabilities that will assist organizations in achieving greater data compliance and control:

  • Customized business models: Create bespoke, versatile, and adaptive metamodels for any domain that correctly reflect corporate priorities and objectives. This feature helps teams boost their overall business agility by preventing the bending of business rules and adhering to off-the-shelf models that are only a partial match.
  • Automated data classification: Automatically monitor data storage and apply machine learning to categorize data around critical patterns, such as compliance infractions, and then give data stewards notifications. This ability to provide automated compliance at scale from a single place boosts productivity and simplifies API execution, increasing responsibility, lowering risk, and avoiding unscalable alternatives such as in-house procedures or point solutions.
  • Personalized Objects and User Rules: Define and configure objects, including linkages between business objects/models and technical objects, using customized objects and user rules. For actions, responsibilities, and assets, owners can be allocated rules. This option lowers risk by allowing users to export documentation and re-import it on a new object with a comparable namespace, saving time and effort while enhancing work effectiveness.
  • Improved Lineage with Inference: Export data lineage and transformation logic via secure API interfaces using Enhanced Lineage with Inference. This one-of-a-kind feature helps enterprises to comply with compliance obligations by collecting changes across the data life cycle and providing inference proof.

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