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TCN Releases Data Explorer – a New Data Visualization Tool

TCN Releases Data Explorer - a New Data Visualization Tool
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Global provider TCN announced the launch of Data Explorer for its List Management Services (LMS) application, which provides a robust data visualization tool. Using the new enhancement, contact centers can proactively organize and manage data in real-time, enabling them to meet compliance requirements and achieve higher data quality.

Jesse Bird, chief technology officer and co-founder of TCN, said, “Data Explorer is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that empowers our clients to streamline data preparation and optimize organizational processes for their call center operations. We are confident that Data Explorer sets them up for success by providing more efficient organization and views of their data, and improves omnichannel visibility and consistent compliance.”

Users have the ability to save time, improve transparency, and minimize the chance of errors with TCN’s Data Explorer, which lets them interact with their data in real-time.

TCN’s Data Explorer offers the following key benefits:

1. Display of data: Data Explorer allows users to format data according to the needs of their operations

2. Data Accuracy: The tool allows call centers to spot-check data in LMS to be sure that all information is accurate and current

3. Efficiency: Keeping all data in one place saves time for users because they do not have to move it back and forth among different systems.

4. Error Reduced: Data Explorer reduces errors by reducing the instances of manual data interaction outside of the LMS when data is manually updated.

With TCN’s advanced cloud contact center platform, Data Explorer is fully integrated. As state and federal rules and regulations change over time, the Natural Language Compliance tool allows for customized compliance rules to meet state and federal compliance requirements.

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