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Tealium Partners with Acxiom to Enhance their Customer Data Platform

Tealium Partners with Acxiom to Enhance their Customer Data Platform
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Customer intelligence company that enhances business growth by leveraging data-driven solutions, Acxiom has entered into a partnership with customer data platform (CDP) service provider Tealium. The partnership will enable Tealium to enhance the capabilities of its customer data platform AudienceStream by leveraging award-winning solutions Real Identity from Acxiom enabling businesses to eliminate blind spots and discover behavioral patterns of the customers and interests. The deep, practical insight that marketers have gained can then be used to develop experiences that deepen the connection with each interaction, enhancing revenue, boosting customer satisfaction, and enhancing lifetime value. 

“Out of the box, this new integration can help advertisers discover customer journeys across paid and owned digital experiences, resolving one of the trickiest marketing challenges brands face today. Our Real Identity product enhances Tealium’s CDP deterministic capabilities by collecting and merging customer identities based on probabilistic matching and enriching owned data. Brands can now unify their data, generate customer insights, drive marketing goals, and activate experiences within one easy-to-use privacy-compliant tool,” stated David Skinner, Chief Strategy Officer at Acxiom. 

Building first-party ID graphs with brand-owned tags using a combination of the best probabilistic and deterministic data available is made possible by the Real Identity and AudienceStream CDP integration. It expands enterprise-level use cases across marketing, operations, and data governance. It can reliably connect users across digital platforms and offline and online channels. It comprehends the behavior of particular customers, their interactions with brands, and what appeals to them. real-time intelligence-based customer insights that have been activated. It also optimizes marketing spend by reaching only those who have expressed an interest. Construct customer experiences that satisfy marketing objectives. 

Mike Anderson, CTO at Tealium said, “We’re excited to bring to market a single, no-code solution that builds holistic customer views and audiences activates them in real-time and ultimately leads to an enhanced, more connected experience for our customers. With third-party cookie deprecation on the brink, identity resolution-backed strategies have never been more important. That’s why Tealium’s best-of-breed CDP stack combined with Acxiom’s strong identity capabilities is the optimal combination for organizations looking to accelerate time-to-value, increase ROI and future-proof their business.” 

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