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TechSee Releases EVE Cortex – AR Assistant Platform

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A global market-leading provider of Computer Vision solutions for customer service, TechSee, announced that they are launching its next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) platform, EVE Cortex. This scalable AR assistant platform can teach itself to recognize thousands of products, models, parts, and components with only data points. EVE Cortex is a combination of patented AI neural networks and synthetic data to learn in hours rather than taking months for powerful self-service application.

Eitan Cohen, CEO of TechSee, states, “The future is here, and it’s time to say goodbye to user manuals and embrace AR assistants. Virtual assistants that can see, hear, read, and interact are what’s going to transform the way that consumers and employees receive assistance while saving brands millions and generating new revenue.”

EVE Cortex is designed on the industry’s first AR assistant introduced by which gives access to enterprises to arrange their visual self-service flows in less than half the time and at a fraction. It does not require knowledge of advanced coding, programming languages, or algorithmic science in the process of making design.

Rich Osborn, managing partner, TELUS Ventures, said, “We’ve seen incredible innovation across numerous industries largely driven by necessity due to the global pandemic, and innovations in customer experience are no exception. As an investor in TechSee, but more importantly, as a customer and early adopter, TELUS recognizes the opportunity EVE Cortex presents in delivering cutting-edge improvements in the customer journey and accelerating access to support and resolution by revolutionizing the DIY and self-serve experience for users.”

EVE Cortex is used by many companies, for example, Vodafone, TELUS, Orange, and Hippo to provide customers with visual guidance with an easy AR overlay without the help of a customer support representative or in-person technician.


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