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TeleSpecialists and Viz.ai Form Strategic Partnership

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Viz.ai and TeleSpecialists, LLC have formed a strategic agreement to combine AI-powered stroke care with premier telestroke neurologists in order to enhance patient outcomes and reduce treatment time across the United States. The collaboration combines the Viz Intelligent Care Coordination platform with TeleSpecialists’ neurologists’ experience to assist advance medicine by notifying providers and providing immediate access to high-fidelity imaging, patient information, and HIPAA-compliant communication. This collaboration will make it easier to coordinate stroke therapy even when the patient and clinician are hundreds of miles apart. In the future, the two institutions will collaborate on new technology, workflows, and research projects.

Dr. Nima Mowzoon, MBA, CEO of TeleSpecialists, said, “This partnership helps to further our organization’s mission of saving lives. Any opportunity we have to save valuable time and help our patients receive life-saving treatments more quickly will always be the utmost priority for our team. Our work with Viz.ai directly impacts our patients and allows for us to advance medicine even further.”

Viz.ai’s objective is to make healthcare work more efficiently and intelligently, and by working with TeleSpecialists, Viz.ai is better positioned to bring AI’s efficiency to more patients and physicians. The flagship Viz LVO product has been shown to enhance workflow in time-critical therapies like stroke, resulting in faster treatment times and improved quality of care.

Dr. Chris Mansi, CEO of Viz.ai. stated, “This strategic partnership with TeleSpecialists will further enhance intelligent care coordination for stroke patients when every minute counts. We also look forward to opportunities the partnership will present as we expand our AI portfolio into multiple medical specialties.”

TeleSpecialists have used telemedicine to achieve world-class excellence in patient care, delivering an expert physician to the patient’s bedside in under three minutes. TeleCare, the organization’s proprietary software, is a real-time intelligent routing and queuing system that directs consults to doctors. TeleSpecialists regularly provide life-saving therapy to their patients more efficiently in an area of medicine where speed of treatment is critical.


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