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Tenjin AI Capital Advisors Announces the Release Of Tenjin AI – A Digital Platform

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Investment management firm Tenjin AI Capital Advisors announced today that it had launched its investment platform for individual investors and RIAs. Tenjin AI platform is available on iOS and Android platforms. By investing in Tenjin AI’s proprietary investment models, investors can take advantage of its systematic, hedged strategies to actively manage positions. A key feature of the Tenjin AI platform is that it enables investors to securely link all their investments from different brokerages and custodians as well as receive regular recommendations designed to enhance their performance from Tenjin AI. The Tenjin AI platform can also be customized by RIAs for their customers to offer Tenjin AI strategies.

Tenjin AI’s CEO Shyam Sreenivasan said, “Smart, hedged strategies have long been a preserve of High Networth Individuals while the average investors are left to fend for themselves dealing with investment services that can be ineffective during market downturns and which may not be competitive enough during market upturns. Tenjin AI was born when I observed the inequities in wealth management solutions. Traditionally, cheap, passive, and ineffective solutions are generally offered to investors, whereas smart, systematic solutions are generally offered to very high net worth investors. There is an enormous potential for technology, particularly AI, in the world of investing in leveling the playing field for everyone. Tenjin AI’s mission is to democratize access to the systematic, hedged investment strategies so that everyone, not just the wealthy few, can possibly benefit from it.”

Mr. Sreenivasan added, “Most investors have suffered greatly with the recent market decline. It doesn’t have to be this way. Tenjin uses proprietary AI technology using various traditional and alternative data aimed at predicting the short-term and medium-term direction of certain indices, ETFs, and individual stocks and designed to switch to a defensive portfolio or a growth portfolio based on the predicted signals. Our primary objective is to manage risks better in bear market conditions and accelerate portfolio growth in bull market conditions using a data-driven approach.”

The Tenjin AI app also provides investors with an easy way to manage their investment portfolios in one place by linking Fidelity, Charles Schwab, E*Trade, and many others. Additionally, Tenjin AI alerts users on major portfolio movements and suggests improving their external investments’ performance.
Additionally, Tenjin AI can be offered as a digital investment platform to RIAs. Tenjin’s platform allows RIA to customize its offerings, including offering its investment portfolios along with Tenjin AI’s strategies, rankings, and market outlooks. The app allows RIAs to see their clients’ up-to-date portfolios instantly and communicate instantly with them.

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