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Notice of Copyright Infringement
AIxOutlook/Sceptertech.Digital does not take legal responsibility for any infringement occurring by end users/readers/third parties. However, if any reader/contributor believes their work is being reproduced without permission, they should intimate us at the earliest.
The Notice will be acted upon only if it contains all the information listed below –
1. The copyright owner’s/authorized person’s physical or electronic signature along with proof of personal identification recognized by law.
2. A copy of the work being claimed has been infringed alongside a copy of the work that is infringing upon aforementioned work.
3. The digital and physical addresses and contact points (residential address, e-mail address, telephone number) of the person making the complaint.
4. Acknowledgement that the use of any infringed material is not authorized by either the complaining party, or AIxOutlook and its parent, affiliates, and subsidiaries.
For notices of copyright infringement or requests for citations, please write to tanya@sceptertech.digital