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TetraScience joins Intact Digital to provide scientific data insights with long term software care

TetraScience joins Intact Digital to provide scientific data insights with long term software care
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TetraScience, the company working with Scientific Data Cloud, announced that Intact Digital, a pioneer in reduction of risks associated with software obsolescence, has joined the Tetra Partner Network. This collaboration makes it simple for customers to use original software environments to verify and validate decisions taken with old scientific data from the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud.

“Intact Digital efficiently addresses the pharmaceutical industry’s need for long-term, reliable use of legacy scientific software systems,” said V.P. of Tetra Partner Network, Alan Millar, Ph.D. “Our partnership will help ensure scientific data remains accessible and readable, facilitating knowledge transfer and compliance with regulatory requirements.”

Intact Digital\’s platform and services administer hosting environments and validated software installations to support the reproducibility of  data analysis and dependability of data recovery. With the help of Intact Digital, businesses and individuals can have confidence in the knowledge that their information technology investments and digital assets are safeguarded from software obsolescence and will continue to function normally for as long as necessary after the standard  1-2 year software replacement cycle. Legacy operating systems must be kept up to date with obsolete software if recovery of the original record system is necessary.

Intact Digital, founded in 2016, the company employs business and computer science specialists  to provide an efficient and long-lasting platform for the long-term hosting and usage of legacy software. A whole new kind of service, Intact Digital redefines the partnership between technology suppliers and users in their mutual interest. It safeguards the value of information, ideas, and technology investments by lengthening and regulating the technology life-cycle and promotes moral and responsible technological innovation.

“We’re thrilled to join the Tetra Partner Network and further promote a proactive approach to the management of software systems in order to connect our digital past to our future,” said Founder and CEO of Intact Digital, Natasa Milic-Frayling. “Our partnership will allow customers to future-proof their current software and provide timeless access to their data.”

TetraScience deals with the Scientific Data Cloud to accelerate scientific advancement and enhance and extend human life. Although the company was created in 2014, the path toward the Scientific Data Cloud began in 2019 with the creation of the Tetra Data Platform (TDP). Furthermore, the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud is the sole open, cloud-native platform created with science in mind. It offers life sciences enterprises the scalability, flexibility, and data-centric features to make it simple to access consolidated, unified, and useful scientific data.

The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud aggregates data from numerous sources and engineers it into a vendor-neutral format that is standardized, legal, liquid, and usable (known as Tetra Data). Customers may simply perform advanced analyses and automate workflows, improving results and efficiency, by centralizing scientific information into a widely accepted format. These include data analysis and AI/ML models that must be reliable, available, and repeatable for years.

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