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The First AI-driven Access Control Solution From Active Witness

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An artificial intelligent (AI) cloud-based visitor management solution provider, Active Witness Corp., recently released a multi-factor access control system referred to as SIMA, which stops unauthorized access and redefined access control.

Rob Bakshi, CEO of Active Witness Corp, said, “Gone are the days of printing access ID cards and slow and cumbersome access control. We all have our phones with us everywhere we go, and you can’t leave home without your face. That’s why this solution makes sense. It provides instant retrieval and quick analysis of a person’s face, and only allows authorized personnel to enter a facility.”

In conventional facial recognition systems, presenting the face requires searching a database for a match, after which the closest match and identity are presented. In that process, incorrect identity authorizations and concerns over privacy can occur.

The SIMA multi-factor access control solution connects intelligent edge devices to a cloud service in order to only permit authorized personnel to enter a door via facial recognition technology. In the process, a QR code is sent to the user’s mobile device in order to verify their identity. It reads an ID Claim and matches it with the individual’s face, then quickly verifies if the claim is correct. If there is a 100% identity match, the entry space or door will open.

SIMA’s solution is easy to install and operate. The system also offers video recording, time tracking, tailgate tracking, and quick database inquiry. By using touchless authorization, germs can be prevented from spreading.

For high-security facilities or member-only areas, such as homeowners’ associations, SIMA is a perfect solution, as it is practical for military facilities, power stations, banks, private clubs, airports, and any business seeking a frictionless user experience for managing visitors.

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