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The First Deep Learning 3D Perception Software From Seoul Robotics

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A company that specializes in 3D computer vision that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning (DL)Seoul Robotics – has launched a new version of its patented 3D perception software. With this update, Seoul Robotics builds on the success of its proprietary technology to enable institutions and organizations to gain industry-leading insights with less effort. In addition to providing unrivaled bicycle, vehicle, and pedestrian classification, SENSR™ software can detect objects when they are partially obstructed, fast-moving, or clustered together in real-time.

HanBin Lee, CEO of Seoul Robotics, said, “The introduction of deep learning into 3D perception software may be one of the last show-stopping enhancements in the LiDAR industry. Historically, the focus has been on advancing the LiDAR sensors themselves, but that’s changing. Moving forward, there will be heavy investments in 3D perception software that interprets the data into actionable solutions. The introduction of SENSR 2.2 is accelerating the adoption of solutions that will fuel autonomy across the globe.”

The LiDAR industry is pioneering deep learning, which boasts unprecedented perception accuracy. Seoul Robotics’ 3D computer vision software uses deep learning to track more than 500 objects simultaneously and with an accuracy range of within 10 cm, which cannot be achieved with rule-based systems. The software also includes weather-filtering AI, which can detect and track objects in severe weather conditions like heavy rain and snow. Seoul Robotics is currently using the SENSR 2.2 across the United States, as well as in Japan, Korea, and several other countries for its high versatility and accuracy.

A sensor-agnostic system, this one is compatible with over 75 different types of 3D sensors, including LiDAR, 3D cameras, and imaging radar. SENSR 2.2 offers the highest level of accuracy in a variety of applications such as smart intersections, wrong-way detection, speeding, smart railroad crossings, crowd management, and smart retail. Seoul Robotics is expanding internationally rapidly and has established partnerships with some of the best organizations in the world, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Chattanooga Department of Transportation, and Emart, to name a few.

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