In a recent press release, Element451, a leading student engagement customer relationship management (CRM) platform for higher education organizations, announced enhancements to its Bolt AI behavior-driven platform that extends its automated capabilities beyond admissions and enrolment engagements to support the nonlinear student journey throughout higher education.

Todd Heilman, Chief Success Officer, Element451, said, “Many “Our clients are seeing a dramatic shift across the student journey. In order to keep pace, administrators are increasingly reliant on data science to better understand the needs of students and to create the best possible experience from the first interaction through to graduation. Many colleges are combining traditional enrollment management functions with traditional student affairs functions to drive a greater impact across key performance metrics.”

It has become essential for success for institutions to be able to share, interpret, and apply student data for the purpose of short- and long-term enrolment and budget planning. Bolt AI is transforming higher ed marketing from a game of hide-and-seek to a behavior-based, programmatic approach without the need for analytics expertise, technical expertise, or expensive external agencies.

With decreasing numbers of college-ready students due to demographic changes, colleges and universities are increasingly competing for all kinds of students to join their programs – whether full-time or part-time or across all types of degrees and credentials.

Academic advisors, enrolment managers, and admissions marketers face increasing challenges with student retention and persistence, and their reliance on data is increasing. In the current higher education environment, an artificial intelligence solution, such as Bolt by Element451, removes the guesswork and manually laborious work associated with earlier marketing and communications approaches. These approaches lack the ability to intelligently scale personal communications and anticipate the needs of today’s students.

Bolt AI provides smart audience segments on the spot, makes engagement recommendations, measures student engagement in real-time, and delivers targeted marketing campaigns instantly