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The Rising Future of AI in the Warehouse Technology

Warehouse Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trending topic for discussion in recent years. The impression of AI can be observed in almost all the major industries; however, the spur of AI is most prevalent in the warehouse due to its automated process and competitive edge in the industry. AI is an umbrella constituting several sub fields such as machine learning, speech recognition, and robotics.

Machine Learning

Warehouse system leverages machine learning to understand patterns, workflows and operation of the warehouse. It helps in the right-alignment with the modern warehouse that dynamically introduces orders into the existing workload. Machine learning is used to anticipate the amount of time required to perform warehouse operations and utilize these results to optimize available capacities using an algorithm. Each warehouse produces an incredible amount of data from order numbers, inventory stock levels, and shipping data. This unstructured data is converted into valuable insight through algorithms and patterns, followed by activities like replenishing an item that is out of stock and other useful insight. The system can also predict customer needs based on orders and returns, thereby increasing overall warehouse information, last-mile delivery operation and enhancing customer satisfaction. Machine learning plays a significant role in data collection and real-time decision making in the operational warehouse. Wave-less warehouse operation is the best example of machine learning.


Speech Recognition

AI is significantly helping to enhance voice-picking technologies via speech recognition. The wearable devices used by associates are seamlessly connected to the warehouse management system, providing order picking instructions through the headset. The associates execute the picking operations then confirm it back by reading the product UID number. The AI-powered voice picking system is well trained and equipped to learn speech pattern, vocals tones enabling workers to work hands-free and minimize picking errors.


Artificial Intelligence is continuously expanding the boundaries in automating warehouse operations. Robots are capable of performing diverse functionalities in daily warehouse operation without any human intervention. Robots are trained to perform multiple tasks such as picking & unloading the orders, across the floor in a warehouse alliance with a human.


In the coming years, AI will help revolutionize the warehouse operation and will have an (enormous) impact in the industry. AI and ML powered WMS solutions will help organizations to enhance efficiency intelligently, maximize ROI and delivering value-added services to customers.