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Third Iron Announces Available Integration of LibKey

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A leading information technology company developing innovative services for libraries, publishers, and their users, Third Iron, LLC, announced the available integration of LibKey for libraries subscribing to eReserve Plus.

LibKey, is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based, linking technology that delivers fast, reliable, one-click access to millions of library-subscribed and Open Access articles that libraries make available from publisher and aggregator sources. LibKey will improve and boost full-text access for researchers by using eReserve Plus. A leading digital resource distribution platform, eReserve Plus is used by libraries worldwide that enable the easy creation of reading lists for sharing of content in a copyright-compliant way.

Kendall Bartsch, CEO at Third Iron, said: “eReserve Plus delivers a fantastic service that enables smooth workflow between students, faculty, and librarians. We are excited to help students and faculty benefit from it even more with LibKey integration. LibKey is our next generation, AI-based linking technology that provides immediate, reliable, one-click access to PDF and HTML article content.”

Karey Patterson CEO at eReserve, shared, “We are very excited at how the integration with LibKey offers eReserve Plus customers and their patrons the opportunity to explore resources more thoroughly and to customize and configure their LibKey presentation to best suit the practices at their institution.”

The combination of eReserve Plus’ reading list capabilities with LibKey will provide students the option to find associated resources and faculty can also review analytics related to student engagement as well explore containing documents such as Journal Issue that can submit better use of paid-for resources.

Richard Levy, Collections and Copyright Services Manager at The University of South Australia, commented that they are impressed with the integration of LibKey for more seamless access to PDFs in our Reading Lists. The integration of BrowZine with eReserve Plus at both the issue and journal-level will promote a broader level of discovery to our serials collections, harnessing related content and further aligning the interoperability between our discovery and reading list management platforms. In addition to the convenience of a PDF, students can navigate the contextual relationship between journal, issue, and article levels of access, enriching awareness of the library’s subscribed and Open Access resources.


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