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Thundercomm Partners with Pudu Robotics to Enhance Intelligent Delivery

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Leading robotics service company, Pudu Robotics has entered into a partnership with leading Internet of Things (IoT) products and solutions provider Thundercomm. Through the partnership, Pudu robotics has developed two intelligent robots using advanced SOM (System on Module) products and technologies of Thundercomm. They have developed two robots named SwiftBot and PUPU D1 to suit varied demands, such as restaurant food delivery and products delivery in particular contexts.

“We are very pleased to work with Pudu Robotics to build leading delivery robot products and solutions. Thundercomm is committed to empower our clients to develop competitive and innovative products in the intelligent sector. We expect that both Pudu Robotics and Thundercomm will further promote technological innovation and launch more excellent products to meet the diversified delivery demands from different markets,” commented Hiro Cai, CEO of Thundercomm.

Food delivery robots’ contact and travel skills are becoming increasingly vital in order to provide a better dining experience for clients, particularly during peak dining hours. By reinventing the connection between robots and clients during food deliveries, the SwiftBot food delivery robot can fully match these needs. SwiftBot excels in visualizing delivery routes, accurate backward perception, and flexible multi-directional avoidance, all of which raise food delivery efficiency and customer experience to new heights, thanks to the Thundercomm TurboX C8250 SOM’s powerful computational capability.

PUPU D1, Pudu Robotics’ first quadruped delivery robot, was also introduced to cover all delivery conditions, both inside and outside. TurboX C8250 and C5165 intelligent SOMs with minimal space, great HMI, and motion control capabilities are included in the PUPU D1. PUPU D1 can adapt to more challenging terrains in various delivery circumstances because to these benefits.

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