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Tickeron Introduces AI Robots to Trade Cryptocurrency

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The quant-sourced marketplace for AI stock trading tools, Tickeron, Inc., has introduced new functionality for active traders. A neural network is used to trade using “AI Robots”, which are automated trading tools. The user can watch how AI Robots select cryptocurrencies, enter and exit paper trades in real-time.

Dr. Savastiouk who serves as the company’s CEO, said, “Our artificial intelligence has precisely predicted several major events in the cryptocurrency market. Tickeron is a subscription-based market intelligence platform. Crypto traders can now have the same AI at their disposal to make informed trading decisions by discovering these patterns within the context of our exclusive, sophisticated algorithms and data analysis.”

AI Robots increase average profits and decrease average losses. AI Robots open positions using Real-Time Patterns (RTP) and proprietary neural networks and filter them using AI Predictions and other proprietary indicators.

As demonstrated by the fact that Tickeron’s technology accurately predicted the last week’s decline within two percent, Tickeron’s technology has proven itself in the cryptocurrency market. For instance, the crypto market dropped by 20% during the last two months, but our AI Robots predicted a 15% gain.

Investing in cryptocurrency is much easier thanks to the same valuable technology. The rest of the process is automatically handled by the application once the user selects patterns and confidence levels. As a result, Tickeron’s artificial intelligence (AI) provides breakout and target price predictions, backtests the pattern, and provides other cryptocurrency trading information.


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