SALESmanago, a provider of customer data platforms (CDPs) and marketing automation solutions, has released its CDP with a set of dedicated features. These capabilities are expected to aid organizations in collecting and managing zero-party data as well as addressing climate change. In several aspects, zero-party data (ZPD) varies from first-party data. The most significant distinction is that customers freely supply this information. Customers own ZPD, while the business owns first-party data. As a result, the company cannot sell ZPD without the customer’s permission.

Greg Blazewicz, CEO and founder, SALESmanago, said, “It turns out that gathering data directly from your customers is not only the way to revive the idea of one-to-one commerce. Actually, it is the only way to approach the current challenges of data privacy constructively and align with the steps taken by the largest players on the market to reduce the usage of cookies”.

Blazewicz added, “We want to help each ecommerce business contribute to combating climate change, and we believe the small steps around gathering relevant data from customers might have a great impact on the environment.”

ZPD is now regarded as the most detailed answer to recent and forthcoming data privacy rules, data ethics, third-party cookie eradication, and ecommerce sustainability concerns.

By boosting customer segmentation and suggestions in natively created omnichannel settings, SALESmanago’s new functionality is projected to make it possible for easy collection, management, and effective use of ZPD.