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Torch.AI and Vertosoft Partner to Improve Data Infrastructure with AI

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Data infrastructure AI pioneers,Torch.AI and Vertosoft have joined forces to hasten the implementation of next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) and data infrastructure technologies throughout the US Government.

Bobby Butler, Director of Partner Success at Torch.AI., stated, “We’re excited to build on our momentum in the government space and continue powering mission-critical decisions and operational capabilities with our data infrastructure AI solutions. We see Vertosoft as a key component of our public sector strategy and plan to leverage their experience in bringing technology to the government market.”

AI has completely changed how businesses use and value data because it is already assisting some of the most significant firms around the globe. The company’s software is swiftly becoming the AI ecosystem and data infrastructure standard, giving a new approach for teams to boost productivity, prioritize resources, and bridge data silos by accessing and correlating mission-critical information.

As part of the partnership, the company will support government agencies seeking innovative solutions to complex data challenges by adopting and delivering new data infrastructures powered by AI. Moreover, Torch’s solutions will increase Vertosoft’s reach across its vast network of more than 100 organizations across the greater DOD and civilian space, further complementing Vertosoft’s strong portfolio of enabling technology partners.

Josh Slattery, Vice President of Technology Sales at Vertosoft, said, “We continue to hear from public sector customers across the U.S. Federal, State, and Local markets that they’re consistently looking to integrate more diverse datasets into their decision-making process and have systematically struggled in doing so. Vertosoft is thrilled to partner with Torch.AI to help bridge the gaps and turn AI into a reality for our public sector customers.”

Vertosoft, a leading distributor of emerging technologies, aims to bring innovative technology into the public sector. It simplifies government acquisitions with dozens of contract vehicles and government-wide acquisition contracts. With Torch.AI’s partnership, Vertosoft can bring critical data and AI capabilities to the government at every level.

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