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Touchcast Partners with Microsoft to Launch Car Configurator for the Future

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Enterprise metaverse company that provides end-to-end automotive customer experience (CX), Touchcast has launched the “Car configurator for the future in collaboration” in partnership with Microsoft. Without the use of a VR headset or specialist software, the new platform enables customers to browse, configure, and purchase their dream car inside an interactive virtual showroom. 

The Metaverse-as-a-Service platform from Touchcast enables automakers to design a photorealistic digital twin of their showroom and showcase their vehicles in magnificent real-time 3D. Customers can connect with a real automotive professional, ask questions, explore new features, take a virtual test drive, purchase their vehicle, and return at any time for post-sales support. 

“The metaverse represents a fundamental change in the way we communicate, and the world’s leading automotive companies have identified it as a solution to their core business challenges. The Touchcast platform helps OEMs transform how they design, sell and support by moving their current workflows to the metaverse. And because Touchcast is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, company representatives can be anywhere in the world, helping OEMs tap into a global, diverse and inclusive talent pool,” stated Edo Segal, Touchcast founder, and CEO. 

Customers can access the metaverse using Touchcast\’s Metaverse-as-a-Service platform without the need for avatars or specialized hardware using Azure-based architecture and Microsoft Teams deployment. Touchcast combines digital and physical into an immersive mixed-reality experience that is unmatched in the industry by rendering a live video feed of a sales representative into the sales environment. The Touchcast metaverse experience is guided and supported by artificial intelligence from Azure Cognitive Services, which can detect when a word or phrase is uttered aloud. The demonstration automatically pivots to highlight important features when the terms \”EV charging\” or \”safety features\” are mentioned. 

“Doing more with less is more important than ever as organizations are navigating uncertainty and shaping the future, and technology is an important tool to bridge the gap and provide interesting solutions. Working with Microsoft and Touchcast, OEMs are now able to reimagine the entire customer journey inside the metaverse and combine a digital-first experience with the personal touch of a human concierge, all at a fraction of the cost of a physical showroom or traditional online car configurators,” stated Sanjay Ravi, General Manager, Automotive, Mobility and Transportation Industry, Microsoft. 

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