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Tractable Releases a New AI Solution for Assessing Vehicle Condition

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Tractable, a leader in AI-powered visual assessment and disaster recovery, announces the release of a new solution, AI Inspection – a new solution that ranks the external condition of a vehicle in minutes.

Jimmy Spears, Head of Automotive at Tractable, said: “With AI Inspection, we have created a powerful AI tool that is not only capable of accurately assessing the exterior condition of a vehicle’s body, but can be carried around in your smartphone. This is an immense technical achievement, putting expert-level assessment in the hands of anyone – meaning understanding a vehicle’s condition is not only more efficient but also more transparent.

He added, “We already work with US insurers to improve auto claims. AI Inspection will unlock efficiencies for the broader vehicle ecosystem, where there are huge gains to be made with faster ways of performing manual tasks, with cutting-edge technology.”

The AI Inspection App enables anyone with a smartphone to check out any vehicle through a mobile-friendly web app, in the time it takes to walk once around the vehicle, regardless of its condition. Through the app, users can access Tractable’s artificial intelligence platform, trained on hundreds of millions of images to understand what has happened to a vehicle. This particular platform is trusted by over 20 of the world’s leading insurers and automotive manufacturers to speed up lost revenue.

AI Inspection can also be applied to any process associated with inspecting a vehicle, such as buying or selling a car, returning a leased vehicle, or recycling parts after their useful lives have ended, as well as writing a new insurance policy. The use of AI inspection benefits a variety of companies, including automotive dealerships and wholesale markets.

This solution allows end-users to perform processes usually requiring an on-site inspector, such as checking a vehicle’s condition, remotely and with greater accuracy. As a result, results are much faster, transportation costs and time have been reduced, and the customer experience has been enhanced.

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