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Trade Republic Chooses mParticle’s Customer Data Platform

mParticle, is Trade Republic's key partner for customer data infrastructure, mParticle, the world's largest independent Customer Data Platform.
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An independent Customer Data Platform (CDP), mParticle, is Trade Republic’s key partner for customer data infrastructure, mParticle, the world’s largest independent Customer Data Platform. Trade Republic offers personalized investing through stocks, ETFs, and savings plans based on its deep understanding of the customer journey.

Juan Bongiovanni, Head of Growth at Trade Republic, said, “mParticle’s comprehensive feature set, including its ability to ensure compliance with EU regulations, makes mParticle a standout provider in the customer data platform market. As we continue to expand, the ability to personalize our customers’ financial experiences becomes increasingly important. mParticle allows us to simplify regulatory compliance and safeguard customer data.”

In an effort to make the capital markets more accessible to everyone, Trade Republic, known for its innovative spirit, built a new investment bank from the ground up. A million people have already taken advantage of the simple and safe savings offered by the tech company across Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Karen Gallantry, mParticle Chief Revenue Officer, said, “Trade Republic is growing exponentially, providing hundreds of millions of people across Europe with easy access to capital markets. With this comes the need to deeply understand the customer journey. Using mParticle’s customer data infrastructure, Trade Republic can help more people put their money to work.”

Cutting-edge technology infrastructure is at the heart of the business, providing customers with cutting-edge financial products and services. mParticle was chosen as a key component of Trade Republic’s customer data platform structure as part of the company’s technology infrastructure.

Trade Republic can create personalized customer messages and interactions using customer data infrastructure as the foundation. In the future, Trade Republic intends to enable connections for additional marketing use cases.


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