Versium, a leading enterprise data platform provider, announced a partnership with, a leading enterprise customer data platform (CDP), Treasure Data. Treasure Data and Versium announced their partnership at the same time as Versium developed Treasure Box, an easy-to-integrate solution within it. The partnership will bring together Versium’s identity data and Treasure Data’s smart CDP, which will empower businesses to become customer-centric in the age of digital disruption.

Chris Matty, chief revenue officer, and co-founder, of Versium, said, “Whether it is the third-party cookies going away, or it’s privacy, or it’s simply having more data-driven marketing, there is tremendous emphasis and additional focus being put on first-party data and maximizing its value. CDP solutions are playing an increasingly critical role in centralizing all of the different data assets that an enterprise has relative to the customer journey and the different touchpoints that a person or customer has during that journey. The partnership with Treasure Data will help Treasure Data customers improve segmenting and achieving better activation and reach across all marketing channels. Ultimately companies will experience better data-driven marketing ROI.”

Treasure Boxes enable faster time-to-value & shorter time-to-deployment and allow businesses to achieve light-speed acceleration of customer data applications using pre-built code, components, visualization, and applications. Versium helps customers gain greater value from their first-party data, making it more effective, and better utilized for significantly more marketing impact.

Data enrichment solutions based on the company’s identity resolution technology and identity and insights data that can be associated with first-party data are offered by the company. Both businesses and consumers will benefit from being able to better understand who their customers are based on their unique characteristics, as well as have access to additional contact points to reach them for more effective marketing.