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Treasure Data Introduces an End-to-End Governance, Security, and Privacy Platform

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A global leading provider of customer data platforms (CDPs), Treasure Data has launched the Treasure Data Trusted Foundation, a tool to enhance trust between enterprises and their customers. Through the suite of features, marketers can manage customer data privacy preferences, consent preferences, access permissions, and controls in one consolidated customer data record – all in one place.

The best-in-class privacy, consent management, compliance, and security controls offered by Treasure Data allow teams to leverage trusted customer data quickly to offer both personalized and ethical customer experiences. Enhanced audience segmentation, personalization, and activation make marketers more capable of navigating a complex privacy landscape.

Tamar Shor, vice president of product strategy at Treasure Data, said, “Just as marketers understand the need for one-to-one personalization, they must also recognize the need for one-to-one privacy. Brand reputation now relies on customer data stewardship balanced with personalization across every touchpoint. Treasure Data’s Trusted Foundation empowers marketers to deliver on this promise with campaigns that pair personalization with privacy, further building trust and respecting privacy while maximizing efficiencies.”

Treasure Data upholds strict standards for all aspects of data use for businesses around the world. Treasure Data Trusted Foundation provides teams with an all-in-one approach to data governance, security, and privacy. The new features offer organizations the ability to manage consents, maintain retention, delete, correct, and erase data across multiple government jurisdictions while staying compliant. Customers can trust the platform because it is specifically designed to build customer trust, enabling innovation across marketers’ most prominent use cases, including:

Collecting and managing data – Defining and enforcing control over the workflow, datasets or sensitive parts of datasets, as well as the ability to tag PII and other sensitive data, is important to protecting customer data. Additionally, collect and fulfill data subject requests (DSRs) such as deletion requests and access requests.

Sectioning – As a result of folder-based permissions and nested organization by brand, geography, agency, or team structure, marketing teams can access only the data they need to stay in compliance with privacy regulations.

Customization and Activation – Enforce consent across all activations. With granular audit log alerts, dashboards, and anomaly detection, automate the security and privacy monitoring process.

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