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Treasure Data Launches CDP For Service – a New Offering Beyond Marketing

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Treasure Data, a leader in enterprise customer data platforms (CDPs), announced the global release of CDP for Service – the first in a new range of solutions for marketing applications beyond. This new platform enables exceptional customer experiences and enhances trust in the digital age by putting data together from across all customer touchpoints and empowering customer service teams with data and insights they can act on immediately.

Thomas Kurian, head of new markets at Treasure Data, said, “CDP for Service addresses our clients’ biggest challenges; it makes the integration of key systems and governance of privacy seamless. It liberates teams from the chaos of disconnected systems and silos between customer-brand touchpoints. The reality of customer experience today is that relying on CRM data—which has limited sources and is often stale—is no longer enough. With this solution, enterprises have access to the comprehensive view of their customers alongside real-time analytics and AI-driven recommendations, while also gaining new insights from channels that traditionally haven’t been considered accessible in these situations, such as real-time browsing signals, mobile app usage, behaviors, preferences, marketing campaigns, and earlier offers.”

Treasure Data can integrate data from anywhere and put customers at the center of it all, regardless of its complexity. Service, marketing, and sales teams can speak to consumers in an integrated conversation using data islands that will enable them to deliver the right message at the right time with the right tone. In addition to improving customer experience, agents benefit in a number of other ways as well:

  • AI-driven, real-time agent assist offers accurate and custom recommendations
  • Reduced resolution times – Providing personalized, immediate, and relevant support based on first-contact resolution rates
  • Customers experience exceptional service from the moment they walk into an organization, thanks to a comprehensive, unified customer view across all divisions
  • Customer requests are automatically routed to the most appropriate agent based on intelligent routing techniques

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