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Tredence Launches HealthEM.AI to Optimize Healthcare Costs and Improve Outcomes

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Tredence, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) engineering and data science, recently launched HealthEM.AI. For healthcare providers and payers, HealthEM.AI offers analytics solutions to improve outcomes and optimize costs.

Tredence CEO and Co-founder Shub Bhowmick, said, “Healthcare providers and payors operate in a rapidly changing landscape today, and our AI/ML-powered healthcare data solutions can efficiently bridge the real gap between direction and decision. HealthcareEM.AI will truly be a game-changer, as it is designed to deliver value in close collaboration with leading healthcare industry players.”

The AI platform applied to HealthEM.AI recognizes the nuanced challenges facing organizations, including revenue cycle management, clinical care, and patient care, among others. It turns those insights into effective action for organizations.

Healthcare providers and payors can take advantage of HealthEM.AI’s data platform since it is compliant with U.S. healthcare regulatory standards, such as FHIR and HIPAA.

  • Healthcare value-based programs such as Medicare Advantage and Accountable Care Organizations
  • Provide services in the areas of cardiovascular, dental, vision, and more.
  • Optimizing healthcare organizations’ operations with analytics
  • Business health insurance

HealthEM.AI helps organizations overcome pervasive uncertainties associated with costs and outcomes by integrating a data-driven approach; it manages the innovation funnel and guides ideas towards impactful actions through pre-built AI accelerators and toolkits. In addition to ingestion, data quality, cataloging, and provisioning, the platform aims to improve time-to-value and self-service analytics across the healthcare spectrum.

Vance Vanier M.D., Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Chicago Pacific Founders, a strategic healthcare investment fund, said, “As we have seen over the past 18 months, healthcare systems are facing enormous pressures related to cost and quality of care. When combined with healthcare operational expertise, we believe that AI can play a pivotal role in reducing costs and improving clinical quality. HealthEM.AI is at the forefront of bringing exciting innovation to global healthcare.”

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