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Trulioo Announces Acquisition of HelloFlow – a No-Code Orchestration Solution

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A global identity verification leader, Trulioo, announced the acquisition of HelloFlow, a unique no-code, drag-and-drop builder of client onboarding, monitoring, and digital workflow solutions. As consumers increasingly connect and trade online, the demand for dependable and comprehensive identity verification services and technologies grows. By integrating Trulioo GlobalGateway with a full suite of orchestration, onboarding workflow, and risk management capabilities, the acquisition accelerates the delivery of an augmented end-to-end identity platform.

Steve Munford, Trulioo President, and CEO said, “Establishing and securing trust online is a foundational step for all digital activity. Our ability to verify both businesses and individuals globally combined with HelloFlow’s advanced orchestration delivers unmatched capabilities and helps us accelerate an end-to-end identity platform that meets the evolving needs of our customers.”

Companies are looking to optimize their onboarding operations to make the user experience easy while still meeting Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, and other regulatory and fraud protection standards as the digital economy grows. Customers will be able to achieve just that with Trulioo and HelloFlow working together on a single unified platform, giving an unequaled solution in the identity verification market. The orchestration solution from HelloFlow with the Trulioo eIDV, KYB, and DocV capabilities will increase how trust is formed and extended online.

HelloFlow Founder, Mikkel Skarnager, said, “We set out to build a platform that businesses could leverage for digital onboarding regardless of company size, resources, market, or jurisdiction. We’re thrilled to be joining Trulioo and continue the journey of digital innovation and inclusion.”

HelloFlow’s no-code platform, which enables enterprises to simply develop and deploy digital onboarding journeys in minutes, has disrupted the usually complex and lengthy client onboarding process. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface eliminates time-consuming and costly development expenditures while providing businesses of all sizes with the capacity to manage their worldwide client lifecycles. Customers of Trulioo will benefit from enhanced efficiencies as the automated procedure simplifies the onboarding process significantly.

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