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TryMyUI Develops Digital Experience Intelligence Platform by Acquiring Stitchology. AI

TryMyUi acquires Stictchology
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Remote user testing platform that provides comprehensive, cost-effective, cross-platform services for testing and optimizing the customer experience, TryMyUI has acquired session replay and web analytics tool Stitchology.ai. TryMyUI will enable to development of a solution for maximizing product-led growth through the acquisition and will deliver an end-to-end digital experience solution.

“There is a noticeable gap between how companies gather user feedback and what it tells them about the revenue their products generate. I am excited about the Stitchology acquisition because it enables product teams to clearly see how the product and design changes they are making influence the user experience at the granular level. This in turn will enable product teams to understand exactly how product changes impact revenue which is the holy grail of product-led growth,” stated Ritvij Gautam, CEO, and co-founder of TryMyUI.

Customers will be able to integrate qualitative and quantitative information to eliminate blind spots concerning critical user flows, identify conversion barriers, and seamlessly iterate to continuously measure performance gains in their digital experience with the combination of TryMyUI and Stitchology.

“I couldn’t be happier to join forces with TryMyUI. The synergy of TryMyUI and Stitchology together is unparalleled. I truly believe that combining these two products will unlock user experience insights that simply aren’t accessible to most product professionals today. Looking through the lens of these products together will present an unprecedented way to view and track how your customers are interacting with your websites. I look forward to being part of the vision that takes product-led growth to the next level,” stated Shruti Goli, CEO, and co-founder of Stitchology.

The acquisition would connect all the disparate data and tool strands that are now being utilized by teams across different organizations. Customer success teams will use this platform to enhance primary user flow and growth by identifying customer behavior. As a result, a comprehensive product-led growth tool for comprehending and monitoring digital experiences will be produced.

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