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TTEC Unveils its New Free Tool – Jump Start Calculator

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A global leader in customer experience (CX) technology and services for end-to-end CX solutions, TTEC Holdings, Inc., has released the Jump Start Calculator, a free tool that offers a faster road to digital transformation, better customer experiences, and lower costs.

Paul Ignasinski, senior vice president of TTEC Solutions & Value Engineering, said, “Each time an organization interacts with customers, it has the opportunity to advance or degrade the relationship. The best brands know that improving CX is a critical priority, and we designed the JumpStart Calculator for businesses of all sizes and maturity levels. For instance, we see new-economy hypergrowth organizations using the calculator to quickly design and iterate their target CX operating model(s) as they scale, maintaining an agile ‘digital-first approach. For large and more mature enterprises the Calculator, in conjunction with TTEC’s industry-specific intent library, provides a fast route to accelerating digital transformations that are oftentimes stalled or sub-optimized. Regardless of the enterprise scale, the Calculator’s intended impact is the same: to chart a path to increased revenue, customer satisfaction, and sales, as well as accelerate and solidify a foundation for delivering differentiated CX over time. The race is on to woo customers, and those who embrace digital will win.”

The Jump Start Calculator gives customers a place to start when figuring out how to include digital activities into their customer journey model. Based on worker efficiency and digital analytics, the Calculator combines digital tools to estimate savings and predict improved customer experiences. Clients may optimize and improve their overall digital experiences for customers while managing and lowering expenses by establishing a digital framework.

The Calculator places specialized digital ‘genies’ on the desktops of customer associates to collect real-time data on associate operations, streamline process improvements, and assess customer interactions and intents. The Jump Start Calculator’s outputs give organizations a bespoke digital report that includes expected savings and technology recommendations, allowing associates to focus on providing flawless customer experiences.

The Jump Start Calculator enables firms to use crucial building blocks right away, resulting in a speedy near-term return on investment while maintaining a long-term transformational roadmap outlook. Digital transformation, which may be hastened using the Calculator as a starting point, has enhanced employee efficiency by 30-50 percent, according to TTEC data.

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