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Ubie Users Now Able to Detect Disease Using AI-Powered Symptom Checker

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Japan-based healthcare start-up with the mission to develop a healthcare guide for everyone, Ubie, Inc has unveiled an AI-powered symptom checker. The users will be able to enter the symptoms that they are experiencing and after analyzing them, the users will be able to identify the related disease.

The AI-powered patient intake by Ubie is their initial product which modernizes that aided medical institutions in their medical interview process, which is based on nearly 50,000 medical papers that are compiled by 50+ active physicians. This service offering by Ubie enabled medical institutions to enhance their operational efficiency and is used by more than 700 medical institutions all over the world.

The database which is used for the AI-powered patient intake is used for the new product AI-powered symptom checker. About 3500 questions from the data are selected using Ubie’s artificial intelligence (AI) and after the user answers around 20 questions, it will be able to identify the disease and detailed information on the disease will be provided. The decision on taking the appropriate medical care is rested on the user and the user can consult the suitable department for the treatment. The free-of-cost service that doesn’t need any kind of registration gives advice on nearly 1100 diseases and covers several medical departments. The service which is now made available in the US is a customized one that takes into account regional diseases using customized AI algorithms.

“During my residency at the hospital, I had a patient who had colorectal cancer symptoms that were left untreated for two years. When the patient came to see me, the cancer was already at stage 4 (an advanced stage), and the doctors had no way to help the patient. With today’s advanced medical technology in Japan, the survival rate would be about 90% if the patient had visited a medical institution when the patient noticed the abnormality. This experience led me to leave the medical field and founded Ubie. Our goal is to use technology to guide people to appropriate medical care and increase the average life expectancy worldwide. I am confident that Ubie, born of Japan’s advanced medical technology, will benefit the health of the American people,” stated Yoshinori Abe, CEO and Co-Founder of Ubie.

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