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UiPath and NCS Join Forces For Automated Service Delivery Across Asia Pacific

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UiPath, a pioneer in enterprise automation software, announced a partnership with NCS to deliver enterprise-grade automation technologies. Through this partnership, NCS will acquire the automation-first approach to service delivery that will enable it to become a leading technology services firm in the Asia Pacific. Together, these two organizations are bringing the power of automation to private and public companies across multiple industries, such as telecommunications, government, and finance, especially in high growth markets like Singapore, Australia, and the Asia Pacific.

Rick Harshman, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, UiPath said, “NCS is a proven leader in digital services and as an early adopter of automation, it has a sophisticated knowledge base to redefine how its customers and partners are shaping the future. Asia Pacific is a rapidly evolving market with the potential for tremendous growth for automation-first organizations. UiPath shares NCS’ vision for human-centric, sustainable automation adoption, and democratizing access to technology that improves the world around us. We are excited to partner with NCS on the next phase of its automation journey.”

NCS will launch an NCS UiPath Automation Practice to enhance its NEXT services capabilities through automation on the UiPath platform. These solutions will enable organizations to streamline operations, optimize for new technologies, and transform digitally. Automating processes will improve the speed and accuracy of processes, as well as enable the onboarding of new customers, smooth operations, and issue resolution, as well as broader self-service options for consumers.

Howie Lau, a Managing Partner of Corporate Development and Partnerships, NCS, said, “The convergence of 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI) has created new business opportunities for enterprises and consumers. To fully capitalize on this, enterprises need to improve the performance, flexibility, and reliability of their technology. NCS is investing in developing intelligent and automated operating models to deliver rich customer experiences and drive high-impact employee engagement. Through our partnership with UiPath, we are reimagining and simplifying internal processes by integrating automation into our business units and products to offer our clients more intelligent and elevated services for the digital age.”

NCS UiPath will have more than 250 employees dedicated to discovering processes, automating them, and delivering a fully automated enterprise. With NCS’s UiPath training and certification plans over the next three years, hundreds of automations will be deployed in the organization. This will enable businesses in the Asia Pacific to move to fully automated operations by integrating these offerings into their existing solutions.

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