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UiPath Partners with TSANet to Improve its Global Automation Services

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A global leading RPA software company, UiPath, announced it has joined TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network), the industry’s largest unbiased support alliance, to improve interactions with other companies in resolving multi-party integration issues. UiPath will benefit from other vendors’ engineering and customer success teams through its integration in the TSANet ecosystem, thus reducing its customers’ resolution time. UiPath, the first pure-play automation company to join TSANet, works with hundreds of TSANet Members, including Google, IBM, Microsoft Corporation, Nutanix, Red Hat, and VMware.

Michael Binder, UiPath Senior Vice President of Global Services, said, “Direct and timely communication between technical and customer success teams is critical when resolving product integration issues that involve multiple parties or customizing the requirements of a shared customer. TSANet allows us to have a single point of contact with more than 800 technology companies and facilitate collaboration between teams to solve integration issues faster and easier. This partnership is yet another critical activity in our commitment towards building and enabling a world-class partner network.”

The UiPath platform is the first end-to-end automation platform that addresses the full automation lifecycle. The UiPath platform is scalable and flexible, enabling customers to realize value faster. With TSANet, engineering and customer success teams can establish and maintain effective collaboration on common customer issues. UiPath and other TSANet members’ clients are thus able to receive higher levels of support from them.

TSANet President Dennis Smeltzer commented: “Enterprise automation has grown tremendously over the past several years, and collaboration between automation and other technology vendors is necessary. Having UiPath as the first pure-play automation company to join the alliance is not only a major win for us, but also for the millions of customers our members serve every day.”

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