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Uniphore Joins Hand with Probe CX to Deliver Improved CX Solutions

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Conversational automation technology firm, Uniphore, and customer experience management firm, Probe CX have entered into a partnership that will deliver enhanced customer experience (CX) solutions to the organizations. The collaboration will enable Uniphore to enhance its platform with personalization and automation using the Probe CX. The news about the new partnership has come out after Uniphore’s recent Series-E fundraising of $400 million with the aim of expanding the business in the Asia- Pacific region.

“Delivering quality customer experience has never been more important and Uniphore is committed to helping businesses by blending the best in AI and automation with the critical element of human empathy. While conversations happen all around us in different forms, a lot of them are not being heard and we are working to fix that by using the trifecta of voice AI, computer vision and tonal emotion to deliver true understanding in real-time,” stated Uniphore Co-Founder and President (APAC) Ravi Saraogi.

Uniphore’s partner program Unite includes Probe CX as well. This program offers key tools to assist the partner lifecycle from beginning to finish, allowing partners to increase their portfolio and profits by leveraging Uniphore’s revolutionary technology. Probe CX which has more than 18000 employees globally, provides solutions in the field of process simplification.

“The partnership between the two companies will help businesses transform and adapt in a post-pandemic world, as different customer needs are required. Probe CX is thrilled to partner with Uniphore, which offers intelligent automation solutions that will allow our clients to deliver better and more efficient services. Modern businesses must transform their customer experiences to thrive and succeed in the post-pandemic world and that includes adopting emerging technologies such as conversational AI to meet their customers demands,” commented, Probe CX CEO Andrew Hume.

He also added that Uniphore’s technology will encompass the enhancement of the entire customer journey, helping them create better business outcomes. By harnessing the power of Uniphore’s conversational AI (artificial intelligence) and automation platform along the entirety of the customer journey, our clients will be able to optimize every conversation, improve efficiencies and increase their net promoter scores.”

Uniphore aims at delivering a combined user experience through its conversational automation solution which is developed using computer vision, emotion and tonal analysis, workflow automation, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The solutions developed by Uniphore are widely used by firms that are engaged in the field of customer service, HR, sales, education, and more.

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