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UserTesting Announces Collaboration with AKQA

UserTesting Announces Collaboration with AKQA
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UserTesting, a leading video-based human insights platform, recently partnered with AKQA, a digital transformation agency. Following this partnership, brands will be able to create and deliver cutting-edge digital and customer experiences by combining the UserTesting Human Insight Platform’s video-first experience testing capabilities with AKQA’s expertise in delivering digital transformation.

Mona Sabet, Chief Corporate Strategy Officer at UserTesting, said, “Developing an effective digital strategy has never been more critical. The impact of COVID and a changing economic climate has required businesses to embrace digital customer experiences at an accelerated pace and rely on digital platforms to create efficiencies in their engagement strategies. This partnership will enable brands that work with AKQA to build human insight into their discovery, design, and development processes to more effectively meet their digital transformation goals.”

Through its platform for video-first experience testing, UserTesting offers businesses the ability to see and hear what actual users are thinking and feeling as they interact with products, ideas, apps, prototypes, and brands. The UserTesting Human Insight Platform creates video-based User Experience Narratives (CxNs), which give businesses access to a variety of customer viewpoints and vivid, first-person knowledge of any experience, whether physical or digital, so they can build for customer requirements today and tomorrow.

AKQA is a design and innovation firm that has influenced top worldwide businesses and supported their digital transformation initiatives across a variety of industries, including the banking, retail, airline, automobile, and distribution sectors. Through its 29 creative studios worldwide, AKQA offers these international clients a full range of services, including business, strategy, service and product development, and communication strategy.

To keep up with consumer demands and preserve digital agility in today’s fast-changing digital economy, continuous customer experience optimization is required. Organizations must have a thorough understanding of their customers and their needs in order to successfully adapt to the digital age. According to a recent Statista Report, spending on digital transformation is expected to reach 1.8 trillion dollars in 2022. It can be difficult for any organization to create breakthrough digital experiences at scale. Recent research from McKinsey found that many firms only realized only one-third of the value that respondents anticipated getting from digital projects and transformations. A key component of an organization’s success and a way to make sure that choices are made in the best possible alignment with the needs of their consumers is to incorporate actual human insight into their workflow.

Vani Oza, Experience Design Director EU, at AKQA, said, “We selected UserTesting to help our clients bring the voice of their customers to life throughout the digital transformation journey, and to better scale human insights across their organizations. With our experience leading brands through digital transformation, combined with the power of the UserTesting Human Insight Platform, we’re able to speed up time to insights and bring greater value to decisions being made. With this solution, we feel more confident in delivering beautiful work, that works.”

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