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Uzabase Introduces New Technology Research Platform – SPEEDA Edge

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Tokyo-based company Uzabase, which provides business intelligence (BI) products to clients around the world, has launched a new research platform for businesses called, SPEEDA Edge.

Ian Myers, head of the SPEEDA Edge team, said, “Research and analysis is our primary differentiator. SPEEDA Edge is the first platform of its kind to deliver curated market maps, competitive analysis across dozens of proprietary data points, custom market sizing, and daily updates about the industries changing the way the world works. We’re delivering the type and depth of analysis that’s usually done about public companies, but doing so for privately-held companies and emerging industries.”.

SPEEDA Edge offers up-to-date analysis of more than 2,500 startups, key companies, and disruptors across more than 40 rapidly expanding industries spanning six major verticals: Sustainability, Work, Health Care & Wellness, Fintech & Insurance, and Education & Media. The range of industries covered includes AI drug discovery, quantum computing, and psychedelic medicine. By the end of 2021, SPEEDA Edge plans to cover 75 industries.

The SPEEDA Edge program is accessed by subscription and is primarily aimed at professionals in venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy, and investment banking. In the next few quarters, SPEEDA Edge will expand its business to serve about a dozen enterprise customers.

SPEEDA Edge’s head of go-to-market strategy Sho Tsuchiya, commented, “SPEEDA Edge is the latest addition to the portfolio of products offered by Uzabase. We have a well-established brand in Japan, and we’re excited to expand our offerings to the North American and European markets. We’ll continue to build the best resource for business decision-makers to discover what’s next.”

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