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Vantagepoint AI Donates to Centerstone in Support of Suicide Prevention

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In a revolutionary move, VantagePoint AI is the first company to provide artificial intelligence (AI) software directly to independent traders from their home computers. The company actively supports local organizations that provide assistance to those in need.

Suicide is always a difficult subject, but Vantagepoint’s CEO takes on the subject with grace and honesty Lane Mendelsohn believes that it is time for the stigma and judgment to be set aside. “Because mental health is “invisible” and we learn to avoid the pain of discussing it, we often don’t see that people are struggling and we lose too many people each year to suicide, needlessly.”

Mendelsohn noted, “Individually we can each do a little; but together, we move mountains. In a time of social isolation and social media overwhelm, we must remind each other that it’s okay not to be okay and then be there to support each other. Thanks to the hard work of my team, we are able to pay it forward to create a more open, supportive, and caring community.”

Centerstone was selected by Vantagepoint since it has offices in several states, including the Tampa Bay area, and provides crisis assistance to military veterans. There are 132 suicides across the nation every day, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In a financial donation, the company hopes to inspire other companies to follow its example and donate to a service providing hope and support to people in crisis.

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