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Vault AI Announces Partnership with Whip Media

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Vault AI, a machine-learning audience-prediction company delivering AI-powered consumer insights, partnered with Whip Media, a leading enterprise software platform and data provider.

Vault AI integrates extensive consumption datasets with content and story DNA from more than 60,000 global titles across all platforms and genres and uses machine learning to predict how a title will perform in the market, its target audience, and what marketing will persuade the audience. An experienced team of consumer insights professionals provides these actionable AI-powered consumer insights with the highest accuracy and quickest turnaround times.

The popular TV show and movie tracking app, TV Time from Whip Media, has 22 million registered users worldwide. By utilizing user-level data from TV Time, Vault AI will be able to expand its global content data and add even more granularity to how content and characters affect audience demand, affinity, and emotional response. With the help of TV Time’s data, Vault AI’s entertainment clients will be able to make decisions that go beyond the typical considerations of age and gender. TV Time’s data will provide insight into audience behavior at the individual viewer level, communicating viewers’ engagement and sentiment reactions to a movie or television show as well as how characters drive engagement. In addition, regardless of platform, the scope and size of TV Time’s user base will enable Vault AI to gain insights into worldwide markets.

“Our partnership with Whip Media addresses the evolving needs of entertainment companies that are searching for ways to get granular audience and character insights with the speed and global scale that only AI can unlock. Whip Media’s powerful TV Time app data expands our understanding of how consumers engage and emotionally resonate with content and characters globally, enriching our AI-powered insights. Being able to now add deeper and richer character insights that go far beyond just ‘likeability’ is game-changing for our clients”, said David Stiff, CEO and Co-founder of Vault AI.

This collaboration happened at a critical juncture in the entertainment sector. In the modern era of streaming, it is more important than ever to have access to evolving data that provides first-person, real-time insights into what viewers are enjoying throughout the globe, without platform data gaps. By partnering with Whip Media and TV Time, Vault AI will continue to offer consumer insights to leading entertainment executives in the U.S. and abroad.

Vincent Muscarella, Vice President of Sales, Whip Media, said, “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Vault AI, a trailblazing company that sits at the intersection of content and technology. Our cross-platform TV Time viewer data is an ideal and wholly additive asset that complements Vault AI’s consumer behavior insights – a combination that will offer Vault AI’s clients new dimensions for worldwide content insights.”

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