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Vectara Revolutionizes Content Discovery through their NSaaS Offering

Vectara Revolutionizes Content Discovery through their NSaaS Offering
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The neural network technology platform, Vectara unveiled its first offering, neural search as a service (NSaaS), which makes use of big language models to comprehend the purpose behind user queries and give search meaning. The two editions of the platform are provided by the company, in which Growth offers a generous free tier, and Scale offers a full set of enterprise features. Those who are unfamiliar with machine learning (ML) can also access the Vectara platform for leveraging neural network technology. 

The platform from Vectara intends to become the top tool for bringing insights and value from the vast amounts of untapped data that are owned by the majority of contemporary enterprises.  Zero-shot AI model developed by Vectara which leverages deep learning technologies helps in data interpretation without prior training. Developers can easily incorporate the platform into their stacks to enhance site and app search, product discovery, customer service, user navigation, and more. The platform offers API access to the most cutting-edge NLP and AI capabilities in minutes. 

“We started Vectara because we saw an opportunity for neural networks to revolutionize how people find meaning through data. Until recently, though, only the largest organizations with deep ML expertise could access this breakthrough technology. With our API-first neural search, developers and engineers can immediately start applying NLP to the challenges they face every day. I have no doubt that the future of search is unequivocally neural search,” stated Amr Awadallah, Vectara’s Chief Executive Officer. 

With a modular, ML-based search pipeline that understands searchers’ intent and significantly boosts search relevancy, Vectara replaces these antiquated methods. Vectara’s intrinsic understanding of human language allows it to identify erroneous terminology, acronyms, and misspellings without the need for developer tuning or predefined language configuration. Vectara is human-language independent since it uses native neural search. It can even perform cross-language searches, exposing stuff written in one language from content written in another without translation. 

Shane Feldberg, Founder and General Partner of Feld Ventures said, “Search is the backbone of any app or website. It’s how we find the information we need to do what we do, and it’s an integral part of our daily lives. But the traditional search algorithm has some major flaws and has been in dire need of disruption for quite some time. Vectara’s neural search is the future of how people will interact with content. They are solving a major problem, the founders are incredibly well suited for the task, and their early customer feedback is very promising.” 

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