A leader in conversion platform that uses cutting-edge AI technology combined with human concierge services, Verse.io, has launched trustContact™, a new product designed to assist businesses with complying with FCC regulations regarding SMS and phone calls.

David Tal, Verse Founder, and Co-CEO said, “Constantly evolving changes to FCC regulations and carrier requirements create an extra compliance burden for businesses. We are experts at optimizing SMS and phone contacts for our clients, so it made sense for Verse to add trustContact™ to our suite of included services to ensure our partners stay ahead of the curve.”

With Verse, AI and automation are coupled with human follow-up to ensure the conversion process is as seamless as possible. A change in the FCC and phone carrier regulations will soon block many legitimate business communications before they reach their intended recipients.

P2P or person-to-person messaging allows consumers to send and receive texts. Messages sent to businesses are considered application-to-person (A2P) messages, and they’re subject to a different set of rules. Apps and platforms like Verse allow users to send A2P messages. Companies are more likely to send A2P messages by using 10-digit long code or 10DLC numbers, which can transmit 15 messages per second.

Consumers will benefit from the new regulations as they will reduce the amount of spam they receive. Businesses may, however, experience a failure to register as a significant loss of deliverability. Verse.io is providing free A2P 10DLP registration for all its clients.