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Vintra Enhances Vintra Fortify Capabilities Through Array of New Features

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Leading artificial intelligence (AI)-powered video analytics solution provider, Vintra, Inc. has introduced a range of new features to its product suite Vintra Fortify. The solution helps in quickly identifying the possible threats, intelligently responding to the current events, and will also enhance the investigative outcomes, which helps in strengthening Vintra’s position as a go-to provider for security experts.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Vintra, Brent Boekestein stated, “We are very excited about this release and what it means for our customers. With these updates, we have unlocked even more ways to make existing cameras smarter, enabling enterprise GSOC’s to add AI-powered capabilities, not headcount. Vintra Fortify is continuing to define AI-powered video analytics that improve how organizations and governments automatically monitor and search video for critical security and safety events.”

A purpose-built video intelligence solution, Vintra Fortify, enables the pre-installed security cameras to function efficiently by delivering vital alerts, quicker exploration of videos, and seamless integration capabilities. Vintra Fortify can be applied on recorded or live videos from a fixed or movable surveillance camera. The solution can be installed as an autonomous technology linked with any IP camera or as a deep integration to leading security products in the market.

The new features of Vintra Fortify consist of:

  • Live Re-ID – This feature developed on Vintra’s re-identification technology enables the users to discover a face, individual, or vehicle which has come across multiple cameras that will remain active up to four hours.
  • Crowd Size Alerts – Security and safety teams identify unusual situations depending on the crowd present in a certain area.
  • Loitering Alerts – Security teams will get insights regarding a particular person or a vehicle that has come across multiple times within a time period, which helps in identifying potential theft, human or vehicle traffic queues, and similar cases
  • Mute Alerts – Users can inform the system regarding the false positive alerts which prevent the same object from coming under additional trigger alerts. Machine learning (ML) technology, a key feature of Vintra can be used to identify movements of the object throughout the day. This also helps in reducing false positive alerts and enhances the performance of the system.
  • One-click VMS Importing – Users can economically search a pre-recorded video with one click.

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