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Vionlabs Releases AI-Powered Global Fingerprint Platform

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Vionlabs, the only AI video-audio platform, announced its AI-powered Global Fingerprint Platform, the world’s largest global metadata database for high-quality audio and video.

Dr. Jörg Richartz, Head of TV Strategy & Business Development, Deutsche Telekom, said, “We see the ability to reflect the types of moods and experiences that consumers want as a key differentiator to serve up the content our users want faster. Given Vionlabs industry first technology, we’ve signed up to work with this platform for years to come. The ability to better serve our audiences based on understanding key content characteristics like mood, will change the way we deliver content to our subscribers.”

Based on the company’s proprietary global repository of analyzed and indexed content, Vionlabs Fingerprint+ Taxonomy powers the Global Fingerprint Platform. The only data-driven platform that uses machine learning to predict consumer sentiment and mood is Vionlabs’ AI technology, which allows streaming providers to create and tailor their own experiences. Vionlabs analyzes AI long-format audio and video files without using third-party data to provide seamless, nondisruptive user experiences for streaming services, entertainment companies, telecommunications companies, software companies, and advertising platforms by analyzing AI long-format audio and video files.

Marcus Bergström, CEO, of Vionlabs, said, “By using AI to understand content from the human perspective, we are solving challenges for advertising-based video on demand and other streaming services. Using our solution, the accuracy of consumer content recommendations improves by 83 percent compared to traditional metadata. As movie lovers and machine learning experts, our platform is pushing the streaming industry forward by providing the highest quality content data made specifically from the user experience. No other player in the space provides this comprehensive solution from one service without tapping into third-party data.”

Vionlabs’ Global Fingerprint Platform offers the most accurate recommendations in the industry to help streaming providers monetize their content without compromising customer experience. Through IMDB or TMDB IDs, Vionlabs customers can access over 40,000 movies and 8,000 series/TV shows.

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