Leading data management provider and SaaS provider AvePoint has introduced a new virtual data room named “Confide”. It is the first of its kind platform which is integrated with Microsoft 365 that provides optimal efficiency and efficiency in initiation.

Confide helps in the business activities without the concerns of data breaches, data exposures, and other mistakes in between engaging in major projects which are highly confidential. The virtual data room uses the same technology that is provided by AvePoint for its IT products. Through this technology, “Confide” enables the business to provide a safer platform for building business projects, and the integration of it with Microsoft 365 gives it a better user experience.

The platform also provides transparency and control to the leaders in watching major projects, and inline communications makes all details regarding projects more secure. The centralized access to the analytics gives the business leaders a better real-time insight and intelligence regarding their projects.

“The importance of securing all business data has never been clearer than in the past two years, against the backdrop of record volume of data breaches, enterprises continuing to amass business data exponentially into Cloud, and more sensitive activities like M&A occurring across the board,” said Dr. Tianyi Jiang (TJ), CEO and Co-Founder, AvePoint. “By equipping business leaders with the same enterprise-grade security functionality we’ve provided IT for years, we continue our commitment securing digital collaboration, which has grown both in scope and importance.”

Confide is completely different compared to other platforms like Google Workspace, Slack, or Teams. The platform only provides access to the business leaders and doesn’t give access to all members of the organization, which helps to secure more sensitive data.

“For highly sensitive projects, business leaders should be the ones to control, build, govern and protect that data,” said John Peluso, Chief Product Officer, AvePoint. “AvePoint has always aimed to improve IT operations, and as a result of empowering business leaders through Confide, we can reduce strain on IT teams and enable them to focus on other priorities.”

A cloud migration product named “Fly” was launched by AvePoint, which helps in M&A activity and data transformation. The “Fly” can also serve as a SaaS solution that helps in business collaborations.