In addition to its leadership position in people analytics and on-demand answers for business, Visier has announced the acquisition of the assets of, a leading collaboration analytics vendor that uses AI to understand well-being, work satisfaction, and productivity of employees and teams.

Ryan Wong, co-founder, and CEO of Visier, said, “We believe that the most successful companies of the next 25 years will be those that understand their employees and use this knowledge most effectively and responsibly. This acquisition reflects our goal of helping companies to deeply understand the human truths–and the hidden truths–within their organizations by shining light on how people work and how people work together.”

At Visier’s annual conference, Outsmart thought leaders and practitioners who drive the transformation of businesses through people-powered processes were on hand to see the news.

The addition of to Visier’s product portfolio makes Visier the most comprehensive platform available for understanding employees across every dimension and for using these insights to maximize the company’s, the manager’s, and employee’s success.

John Schwarz, Visier’s Chairman, and Co-founder said, “We are thrilled with the addition of to the Visier portfolio of solutions and to welcome the new team who created it.’s Collaboration Analysis adds a vital employee perspective to complete the full Visier picture of the human truth within an organization.”