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Vitech Unveils DataInsight For Advanced Business Intelligence (BI)

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Vitech Systems Group, a leader in cloud-native administrative software, today announced the release of DataInsight, a platform for automated data transformation and machine learning (ML) integrated with Vitech’s data and analytics platform.

“For today’s businesses to fully utilize the vast amount of data available to them, they need predictive analytics and modeling to identify new opportunities, discover business trends, and realize operational enhancements,” said Ali Kheirolomoom, Vitech’s Chief Product Officer. “DataInsight’s open platform and defined interfaces allow sharable, just-in-time intelligence for an informed ecosystem and increased customer satisfaction.”

DataInsight combines big data analytics and machine learning techniques to help users make informed decisions based on accurate data. Vitech’s cloud-native administration, engagement, and analytics solution V3locity enables DataInsight to synthesize domain-specific analytics and empower users with exploratory dashboards and automatic event-based automation.

DataInsight unifies intelligence for insightful and informed decision-making using big data analytics and machine learning technology. DataInsight synthesizes domain-specific analytics and empowers users through exploratory dashboards and event-based automation by leveraging integrated data streams from V3locity, Vitech’s cloud-native administration, engagement, and analytics solution, and other third-party data sources.

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