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Viz,ai Enhances Vascular Disease Detection and Treatment with Viz Vascular Suite

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Viz.ai, a leading healthcare technology company, has announced the launch of its latest product, the Viz Vascular Suite. This cutting-edge technology utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze medical imaging and improve the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases. The Viz Vascular Suite is a comprehensive platform that integrates AI algorithms with medical imaging to identify and analyze abnormalities in the blood vessels. This allows doctors to quickly and accurately detect and diagnose conditions such as aneurysms, strokes, and peripheral artery disease. 

One of the key features of the Viz Vascular Suite is its ability to detect and analyze large vessel occlusions, which are a leading cause of stroke. The platform can quickly identify these occlusions and alert doctors to the potential risk of stroke, allowing for timely intervention and treatment. In addition to its diagnostic capabilities, the Viz Vascular Suite also offers advanced treatment planning tools. These tools allow doctors to analyze and plan for procedures such as endovascular therapy, which is used to treat conditions such as aneurysms and peripheral artery disease. 

The Viz Vascular Suite also includes a cloud-based portal, which allows for easy sharing and collaboration among healthcare providers. This allows for improved communication and coordination of care between radiologists, neurologists, and vascular surgeons. 

According to Chris Mansi, CEO of Viz.ai, the Viz Vascular Suite represents a major advancement in the field of medical imaging and AI-assisted diagnostics. \”Our goal is to improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment for patients with vascular diseases,\” he said. \”The Viz Vascular Suite is a powerful tool that will help doctors make better decisions and improve patient outcomes.\” 

The Viz Vascular Suite is now available to healthcare providers in the United States, Europe, and Canada. The company plans to expand its availability to other countries shortly. With the launch of Viz Vascular Suite, Viz.ai continues to be at the forefront of the healthcare technology industry, helping to improve patient outcomes and revolutionize how medical imaging is used in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases. 

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