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VNUE Releases the New Version of Soundstr Platform

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VNUE, Inc. announced the release of Soundstr MDM, the most advanced version of its audio recognition technology, one of the market’s first music performance identification tools. VNUE, through significant investment and engineering advancement, has finally delivered the industry’s first facility to recognize and identify recorded feature music in venues as well as live performances.

Zach Bair, VNUE CEO, said, “VNUE has built the cornerstone technology for a new music administration service for the industry.  With the Soundstr MDM offering, we can deliver value to a cross-section of clients including venue owners using music, music industry professionals looking to understand both feature and live music usage in bricks and mortar locations, and a cross-section of music rights holders and rights administration organizations.”

Soundstr MDM, the Soundstr Music Data Market, provides extensive analytics for music usage reporting to a wide range of clients, including venue owners, radio station management, musicians, labels and publishers, and rights administration clients. Client and usage-specific reports containing analytics across numerous music report kinds are now being built using sampling, streaming, and live detection capabilities.

As a DaaS (Data as a Service) solution, Soundstr MDM combines an autonomous sampling device produced by VNUE – which can be used in an interactive performance environment, such as a live music venue – with a streaming music interpretation service that ingests digital music feeds for recognition. There are multiple types of identification types managed by both methods, including exact music time stamping, exact music matching, silence identification, non-music recognition, speech recognition, and various APIs that may be used by PRO and admin clients.

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