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Volta Charging Releases an AI and ML Solution – PredictEV™ Product

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Volta Charging, a leader in a commerce-centric electric vehicle, charging networks, has entered into a definitive merger agreement with Tortoise Acquisition Corp.II. The company has announced the launching of its PredictEV™ product, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solution for infrastructure planning.

Volta Charging developed the PredictEV™ product for its commerce-centric, electric vehicle charging network, and it is now available to corporations, government agencies, consulting firms, and utilities planning to answer the growing demand for EV charging networks.

Praveen Mandal, Chief Technology Officer at Volta Charging, said. “Data and AI influence every aspect of Volta’s business — from driver experience to media strategy, to network development. We are excited to share our data-driven insights and foresight with partners like Southern Company that are as passionate about driving the EV market forward as we are. These partnerships have the capacity to transform the decision-making that underpins our joint mission of creating a carbon-free transportation future.”

In order to provide actionable insights, the PredictEV™ product leverages advanced artificial intelligence and analytics. A patented, proprietary product analyzes local mobility, demographic, and corporate data at scale to identify key planning factors such as the location of appropriate charging stations, the mix of charging infrastructure required, and expected EV adoption in an area. Volta’s PredictEV™ product is now available to EV stakeholders such as corporate, state, and local governments, transportation departments, electric power utilities, and other stakeholders in response to the increase in EV adoption and working to support transportation electrification.

Chris Cummiskey, Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, and Customer Solutions Officer at Southern Company, said, “Southern Company aims to be a leader in electric transportation solutions because it is good for businesses, communities, and the customers we serve. Volta’s PredictEV™ product allows us to inform and advise our customers on the right EV charging options for their needs, and to continue building the fueling network of the future for our customers.”

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