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Voximplant’s Avatar Aids Developers in Creating AI-Powered Workflows

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The beta launch of Avatar has been announced by Voximplant, a cloud communications firm that lets organizations integrate voice and video communication into their apps and services. Developers will be able to optimize omnichannel networks with smart automation using the new natural language processing (NLP) solution.

Flexible and powerful NLPs can be integrated into communications and smart interactive voice response (IVRs), voice bots, and chatbots for inbound call automation, surveys, and call center functions can be built using Avatar. The back end, data management workflows, and toolchain for intent classification and feature interaction through the Voximplant’s NLP model. Developers can now create complicated AI-powered bots and link them to chat and phone without having to write extensive backend code. During the beta period, Avatar will be available for free.

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for NLP were previously processed through Google’s ML Dialogflow bot. Avatar, which was just released, is a complete, in-house solution that allows for more flexibility and granular control over communication situations. Training on intent classification models can be gained and the process can be handled by an individual with basic Java knowledge.

“We at Voximplant believe that the next generation of CPaaS is about intelligent services mixed together with easily programmable omnichannel communication capabilities and that this brings maximum value to our existing and future customers,” says Alexey Aylarov, CEO and Co-founder of Voximplant. “We will continue to build AI-powered capabilities for our platform to ensure our customers can delight their customers.”

Voximplant Avatar is simple to integrate into omnichannel solutions designed on the platform, and it works well with both text and speech channels. Backend logic, which is complex and heavy, is easily handled by Avatar, which helps business growth without compromising flexibility at a lower cost.

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